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Age: 45    Ht: 5'6"   Wt: 130 lbs.

Grade III Ptosis/Droop

Patient presents for bilateral breast lift. She has three children and breast fed all of them. She now has bilateral ptosis related to loss of elasticity and loss of breast volume. She does not wish for her breasts to be larger. No implants placed. Bilateral breast lift (Mastopexy) was performed with anchor incision.

Note: excellant shape at one year.


Age: 44    Ht: 5'5"   Wt: 130 lbs.

Chest Wall Deformity, Grade III Mammarytosis with Dilated Nipple-Areola Complexes and Involutional Mammary Hypoplasia.

Patient presented with grade III bilateral mammary ptosis related to weight loss,a genetic predisposition, loss of elasticity with age, and involutional hypomastia (loss of breast tissue post-childbirth).

Stage I Procedure: Breast Lift

Stage II Procedure:
Augmentation Mammaplasty

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She initially wished for correction of the droopy appearance and reduction of the enlarged and dilated areolar complexes. She underwent a blilateral mastopexy with an inverted T anchor type incision.

Note: the excellant shape and minimal scarring at one year post-op. Note the illusion of smaller breasts bilaterally despite only skin excision. (middle panel). She later requested enlargement and bilateral McGhan 360cc smooth saline implants filled to 375cc's were placed in a subglandular location.

Note: the enlargement with excellant scar 6 months later.

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