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Dr. Shamoun believes the most critical factor of any cosmetic plastic surgery procedure is the choice of your "Plastic Surgeon."

Dr. Shamoun is the only Plastic Surgeon in the United States who is Quadruple Board Certified by the:
• American Board of Surgery
• American Board of Plastic Surgery
• American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and
• American Board of Forensic Medicine.

Having completed nine formal years of training beyond medical school, Dr. Shamoun is among the most highly educated Plastic Surgeons you will find in the United States today.

Dr. Shamoun is dedicated to achieving extraordinary and unmatched outcomes in all cosmetic plastic surgical procedures.

Dr. Shamoun has earned the reputation of being a surgeon's surgeon, specializing in correcting unfavorable results operated upon elsewhere.

Dr. Shamoun is considered to be a master Plastic Surgeon who is frequently asked to review complex cases and serve as an Expert in medico-legal cases around the country.

Dr. Shamoun believes in sharing the secrets, exposing the truths, and dispelling the myths and misconceptions about all cosmetic plastic surgical procedures.

Dr. Shamoun has an implacable personal commitment to the patient and to his/her well being. He has a sense of personal responsibility for each and every patient.

Dr. Shamoun's paramount goal as a Physician and Plastic Surgeon is "be the absolute best physician at all costs, individualize patient care, and quality of life."

Dr. Shamoun understands patients generally want to talk not only about their specific problem, but also about their fears, values, and their lives.

Dr. Shamoun is a people person who is considerate, concerned, caring and compassionate. As a Plastic Surgeon, his skills go well beyond his Certifications. He has the unique ability to individualize, innovate, create, and execute surgical plans that best suit any given individual.

Dr. Shamoun's system and style has the flexibility of accommodating individual differences.

Dr. Shamoun has a sense of uncompromising attention to detail, which truly separates him from his colleagues. His motto is "quality has to be consistent, not some of the time, but all of the time." Dr. Shamoun truly encourages you and invites you to compare as you make your decision about plastic surgery.

In Dr. Shamouns' office, your needs are the most important concern and he and his Staff will strive to make your aesthetic surgery a pleasant and satisfying experience.

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1. Dr. Shamoun favors style over fashion because fashion often changes and style never does.

2. Dr. Shamoun prefers graceful elegance and the natural look over the over-stylized, "shock-value" look.

3. Dr. Shamoun believes that many patients having plastic surgery, elsewhere around the country, often look different and not necessarily better.

4. Dr. Shamoun believes that God has a unique way of achieving harmony and this harmony should never be destroyed,but only improved upon.

5. Dr. Shamoun believes that technique should never take precedence over good judgment.

6. Dr.Shamoun believes that unnatural and unfavorable results occur when unskilled or incompetent surgeons try to perform the appropriate operation or when adequately trained surgeons perform the inappropriate operation. An integral part of successful plastic surgery involves the combination of the right surgeon and the right operation.

7. Dr. Shamoun believes that each patient is a unique individual with unique characteristics. Therefore, a full range of alternatives and choices need to be made available and your Surgeon needs to possess all the skills necessary in order to deliver each and every choice.

8. Dr. Shamoun always places science ahead of press clippings, media events, and publicity. He believes in sharing the secrets, exposing the truths, and dispelling the myths and misconceptions about all cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

9. It is the unique combination of knowledge, skill, talent, and experience, combined with overall style that separates Dr. Shamoun from his colleagues.

10. Dr. Shamoun believes that plastic surgical operations should be tailored to fit individual patients, and surgeons must be able to modify routine procedures to best fit these individual patients.

11. Dr. Shamoun believes that far too many plastic surgeons are followers and not leaders, providing cookie cutter operations that all look the same on every patient.

12. Dr. Shamoun believes if you notice a plastic surgical look, then the surgeon has failed.

13. Dr. Shamoun clearly believes that the quality of life is different for different patients, and, therefore, alternatives and choices of procedures need to be different for different patients.

14. Dr. Shamoun believes that each person is different in bone structure, statue, skin quality, fat content, and aging pattern, and, therefore, the surgical approaches need to be individualized.

15. Dr. Shamoun believes that far too many cosmetic surgeons are leading into the operating room many patients who are only marginal candidates at best because of the minuscule amount of improvement they may receive and its fleeting duration.

16. Dr. Shamoun believes it takes a surgeon 100% more time (before and during any operation) to achieve a 25-50% more favorable result, and it is precisely this difference that is observed by the most critical observer with a highly trained eye.

17. Dr. Shamoun believes that patients must avoid early or pre- mature surgery, an abrupt change in appearance, and the artificiality that it often brings.

18. Dr. Shamoun believes in studying the whole person, their ethnicity, their culture, their life style, their personality, their profession, their hair style, etc., before performing any cosmetic surgical procedure.

19. Dr. Shamoun believes many patients need a make-up artist, a new hairdresser, or a psychologist, and not a plastic surgical procedure to improve their look and well being.

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   Dr. Shamoun's Greatest Myths



MYTH # 1   The best Plastic Surgeons have the nicest offices in the largest cities.

MYTH # 2   The "stars and Hollywood jet setters" often use the best Plastic Surgeons.

MYTH # 3   Plastic Surgeons to the stars and those on television and in magazines, such as Vogue, Town and County, Allure, and Elle, are usually the creme-de-la-creme of Plastic Surgeons (what they usually have is a greater marketing/advertising budget and are often more expensive).

MYTH # 4   A $50,000 face lift, breast augmentation, or nose job must be better than a $20,000 job.

MYTH # 5   Just because your ear, nose, and throat physician, dermatologist, oral surgeon or dentist can perform cosmetic surgery, he/she can perform it equally as well as a Plastic Surgeon.

MYTH # 6   Cosmetic Surgeons are trained as equally well as Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.

MYTH # 7   Cosmetic plastic surgery is not real surgery; complications never occur and no one ever dies.

MYTH # 8   Infomercials and PR agencies usually advertise the best plastic surgeons in the country (all advertising is paid for).

MYTH # 9   All plastic surgical procedures are elective and, therefore, associated with very low risks.

MYTH # 10   All plastic surgeons are the same and your choice of plastic surgeon is not all that important (would you take your Mercedes to a Honda dealership to be worked on?)

MYTH # 11   Television gives accurate accounts of what plastic surgery is all about.

MYTH # 12   A good artist makes a good plastic surgeon.

MYTH # 13  It is best for a surgeon to offer one technique and choice for any procedure and do them all that way.

MYTH # 14   Most patient complications and revisions are beyond the control of the surgeon.

MYTH # 15   All surgery is associated with bruising and swelling (gentle technique usually means less bruising and swelling as a result of less tissue trauma).

MYTH # 16   A surgeon's technique has no bearing on recovery, bruising, swelling, discomfort (nothing is further from the truth).

MYTH # 17   All patients - Asian, Afro-American, European, etc. all want the same look.

MYTH # 18   Your friends or family members often know what is best for you.

MYTH # 19   The more well known and famous the surgeon the better surgeon he/she is.

MYTH # 20   Ads with beautiful models represent the surgeon's work and skills.

MYTH # 21   Your personal life will definitely change with plastic surgery.

MYTH # 22   Bad, unforeseen results from plastic surgery are usually the patients fault and the surgeon has no control.

MYTH # 23   A plastic surgeon can take any face or body and make it look like someone else routinely.

MYTH # 24   What looks commonplace in Beverly Hills and New York City often looks good.

MYTH # 25   The greater number of procedures a surgeon has performed or the longest he or she has been in practice, the better surgeon he/she is.

MYTH # 26   Models, pop stars, and actresses all look great in real life (makeup and air brushing is wonderful).

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