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In your search for breast augmentation, Dr. Shamoun has provided a list of precautions:
1. Beware of surgeons who are not Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

2. Beware of volume warehouses of plastic surgery where patient coordinator/counselors will talk to you prior to meeting with a doctor.

3. Beware of physicians who utilize one type of implant.

4. Beware of physicians who place the implant in the same position in all patients.

5. Trust your intuition when seeking information from a physician.

6. Be very critical of before-and-after photographs. (See ALL views with similar lighting).

7. Ask to see the more difficult breast reconstructive cases, and, specifically look at the scars and the shape of implants.

8. Look around in the waiting room for other patients who are post-operative.

9. Ask to speak in person or visit with patients during different stages of recovery post-operatively.

10. Beware of surgeons who use drains and compression garments post-operatively, as these are unnecessary.

11. Avoid surgeons who perform the procedure under local or intravenous sedation (this is frequently performed as a cost-saving measure to the surgeon).

12. Ask the surgeon if a patient of his has ever died from any cosmetic surgery. You may be surprised!

13. Avoid surgeons who tell you it will take you weeks to recover.

14. Avoid surgeons who position implants high and whose patients bruise after the procedure.

15. Avoid surgeons who have never used a high profile or a tear drop shaped implant as they are unskilled in the different options that are available to any given woman.

16. Avoid surgeons who do not have hospital privileges to perform the exact procedure you are in search for (call the hospital to verify his/her privileges).

17. Avoid physicians who spend less than fifteen to twenty minutes discussing the options available regarding breast implants (it is my opinion that a pre-surgical consultation will take at least thirty to forty-five minutes. Measurements and an actual breast exam must take place).

18. Avoid the surgeon who does not take the time to determine the size range that best fits you at the time of your consultation (this frequently requires sizer type implants and multiple bras during the consultation).

19. Beware of the surgeon who knows the exact size to use after talking to you (remember the 20% rule).

20. Avoid the surgeon who does not take measurements of your breasts and chest wall dimensions.

21. Avoid the surgeon who does not ask you what type of occupation you have (it is important to determine whether or not you are a dancer, a body builder, etc).

22. Avoid the surgeon who does not ask you about your risk of breast cancer, your history of mammograms, as well as your desire to breast feed.

23. Ask the surgeon to show you patients who look like you and have had the procedure with a different approach than you are requesting and with different implants than you are requesting.

24. Visit the operating room if possible as well as the anesthesiologist and nurses.

25. Try to call the physician pre-operatively with questions in order to determine how available he/she is for you.

26. Absolutely do not shop price or for bargains with this or any other type of plastic surgery.

27. Beware of fancy ads with models and low budget costs in your search for a plastic surgeon.

28. Beware of the surgeon who criticizes another surgeon's technique or results. Far too many plastic surgeons are prima donnas, quick to criticize a colleague's technique without ever seeing or actually performing the operation in question. You be the judge of who is best!

29. Be smart and trust your instincts.

It is Dr. Shamoun's feeling that although catastrophic results have developed from augmentation mammoplasty procedures, when careful research is performed, there is a 99.9% satisfaction rate from breast implant surgery. A breast augmentation procedure is a straightforward procedure with multiple variables and nuances which are all important in the eventual outcome.

Remember, "quality has to be consistent all of the time and perfection has no limitations!"

I hope this information has been helpful. If any questions arise, please do not hesitate to e-mail Dr. Shamoun at JMShamoun@aol.com, or call 949-759-3077.

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