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Who is a good candidate?
Women with sagging breasts

What will the results be?
Lifts breast and nipples, removes excess skin

Is it done at an office or hospital?
Hospital or office depending on surgeon

How long does it take?
2-3 hours, varying with surgeons

at kind of anesthetic is used?
Local or general anesthesia as desired

Whar are the risks?

Minor, moderate and some severe problems

How long is recovery?
Sutures removed in 8-21 days depending on surgeon. Numbness for about 1 month

When can regular life style resume?
7-14 days

When can make-up be used again?
Doesn't apply

When can
bath/shampoo begin again?
When released to do so by your surgeon

How lasting are results?
Long Term with some gradual return of sag

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